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Menu For Chicago Ave.

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1. Cucumber Salad $4.00
Crispy fresh cucumber with a sweet and sour dressing. Click to enlarge

2. Goma Ae $4.00
Boiled spinach served with sweet sesame sauce. Click to enlarge

3. Green Salad $6.00
Babymix green, tomato, avocado, sesame seed and mango with asian ginger dressing. Click to enlarge

4. Kimchee cucumber salad $4.00
Pickle, balloon flower and daikon Click to enlarge

5. Seafood Sunomono $8.00
Shrimp, Crab stick, Octopus, seaweed and cucumber in a delicate rice vinegar dressing. Click to enlarge

6. Seared Tuna Salad $11.95
Slice seared tuna, baby mixed greens,Avocado, Mango, sesame seed with Asian ginger dressing. Click to enlarge

7. Seaweed Salad $6.00
Assorted seaweeds and cucumber marinated in sesame vinegar dressing. Click to enlarge

8. Yom Nua Nam Tok $8.00
Char-broiled tender sliced beef spiced with red onions, fresh lemon grass, roasted rice, chili peppers, mint leaves, cilantro and lime juice. Served with fresh vegetables. Click to enlarge

9. Yum Talay $8.00
Steamed shrimp, squid and scallop mixed with lime juice, cucumber, tomato, green onion with spicy homemade sauce. Click to enlarge

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